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Interactive Jobs

condor_submit -interactive normal_job_submission_file


condor_submit -interactive request_cpus=1 request_memory=500M ... only for interactive jobs with execution time under a default 20 minutes limit


[username@ui3 ~]$condor_submit -interactive normal_job_submission_file
Submitting job(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 1234567.
Waiting for job to start...
Welcome to slot1@minis01.farm.particle.cz!
[username@minis01 dir_24682]$

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ pwd

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ ... commands ...

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ exit
Connection to condor-job.minis01.farm.particle.cz closed.
[username@ui3 ~]$