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Golias Farm Overview

The Golias computing farm is located in the computing room of the Institute of Physics at Slovanka locality in Prague 8.

The Golias farm consists of computing nodes included to several subclusters, servers providing services and disk arrays. The most important ones from the view of a user are the following:

- login servers (user interfaces) which are the only servers where you can log in to the Golias farm. These machines can be used for normal computationally inexpensive work that doesn't severely impact machine performance for other users. Note that it is forbidden to use login servers for computationally demanding tasks which must be processed using HTCondor batch system (for batch job debugging you can use an interactive job).

  • ui.farm.particle.cz (you should use this one - especially in scripts and other automation, it is Round Robin alias for ui servers running OS Centos7)
  • ui1.farm.particle.cz
  • ui2.farm.particle.cz
  • ui3.farm.particle.cz

- worker nodes for non-interactive work and where the batch system runs jobs. You shall log in to a worker node only on rare occasions, e. g. in case of a failed job to clean up or to download your data. Note that it is strictly forbidden to use a worker node directly for computing!

  • milan01-29
  • minis01-12
  • mahagon01-24
  • mikan01-51

- the file server, which provides NFS export of user home directories to all user interfaces and all worker nodes.

  • nfs01.farm.particle.cz

- file servers where data may be stored. The file systems are NFS mounted on all user interfaces and all worker nodes as the directories /mnt/nfsN where N stands for the number from the file server name. Furthermore, a part of the directory name may comprise the name of an experiment or a user group. That means such a directory may be used only by a specific experiment or by a specific user group.

  • nfs17.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs18.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs19.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs20.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs21.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs22.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs23.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs24.farm.particle.cz
  • nfs25.farm.particle.cz