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Torque and HTCondor in Comparison

Log in tossh ui.farm.particle.czssh ui.farm.particle.cz
Request for resourcesa job script (#PBS directives)a job submission file
Job Submissionqsub -q <queue> jobscript.shcondor_submit testjob.sub
Killing a jobqdel <job_ID>condor_rm <job_ID>
Detailed information about a jobqstat -f <job_ID>condor_q -long <job_ID>
User’s jobsqstat -u <username>condor_history <username>
Available queuesqstat -Qno queues
Available worker nodespbsnodes -acondor_status


Job’s requirementTorqueHTCondor
number of CPUs-l nodes=1:ppn=4request_cpus = 4
amount of memory-l mem=5gbrequest_memory = 5G
walltime-l walltime = 02:00:00+MaxRuntime = 7200
User’s requirementTorqueHTCondor
stdout, stderr-j oeoutput = , error = , log =
notifications-m aebnotification = <Always/Complete/Error/Never>
 -M <e-mail address>notify_user = <e-mail address>
user group-q <queue name>accounting_group = group_<experiment name>.user

Default values within HTCondor:

  • CPU = 1
  • memory = 2 GB
  • walltime = 1200 s
  • max walltime = 2 weeks
  • universe = vanilla

Be aware that user HOME directory is not set for jobs by default in HTCondor.