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Which data storages are available within the farm Golias?

A: Overview of available data space within the farm Golias:

  • a user home directory /home

a user home directory /home is available at ui servers and all worker nodes. It is backed up daily, but it is restricted by user quota.

  • a local working directory /scratch

A local working directory /scratch is available at a local disk(s) of each worker node, and is intended only for temporary files.

  • storage volumes /mnt/nfsXY (not backed up)
    • /mnt/nfs17 and /mnt/nfs19 – accessible to all users of the farm Golias
    • /mnt/nfs18_auger and /mnt/nfs20-25_auger – only for users of the group auger

For backups you may use the Data Storage (Datová úložiště) provided by the association CESNET. More detailed information is available at Another Possibilities for Data Backup.

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