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Cputime and Walltime Multipliers

Multipliers for cputime (CPU time used by all processes in the job) and walltime (real time the job stays in the running state) have been set to all worker nodes in order to run fairshare (main principle for determining priority) more efficiently. Multipliers represent CPU performance of a specific worker node in proportion to CPU performance of a reference worker node, which was in this instance chosen aplex01.

Overview of multipliers for various HW models:

Worker NodeHW ModelNumber of coresMemory sizeMultiplier
milan01-29Gigabyte H262-Z6B-00128 (HT on)512 GB1.685
minis01-12Asus RS500A32 (HT on)64 GB0.992
mahagon01-24HPE Apollo 3564 (HT on)128 GB1.114
mikan01-51Huawei RH1288 V348 (HT on)128 GB1.039
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