How do I run an interactive job?

A: Use an interactive job for compilation and debugging your programs. Use the option -interactive to the condor_submit command. Upon the start of an interactive job, you get a shell prompt on an assigned worker node. All input to the job is from your terminal session. The interactive job terminates on exiting the session.

[username@ui3 ~]$ condor_submit -interactive normal_job_submission_file
Submitting job(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 1234567.
Waiting for job to start...
Welcome to!
[username@minis01 dir_24682]$

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ pwd

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ ... commands ...

[username@minis01 dir_24682]$ exit
Connection to closed.
[username@ui3 ~]$

Note: For interactive jobs with execution time under a default 20 minutes limit you can also use:

condor_submit -interactive request_cpus=1 request_memory=500M
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