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User Home Directory /home

A user home directory /home is available at ui servers and all worker nodes. It is backed up daily, but it is restricted by user quota.


Quotas are set both for disk space and for number of files. Quotas are of two types: soft and hard. The soft quota may be exceeded, however, that is not the case of the hard quota. Shall the hard quota be exceeded, files become read-only.

The default values are set to 8 GB and 10 GB for disk space, 950 thousand and 1 million for number of files.

/home/ quotasofthard
total volume of data8 GB10 GB
number of files (inodes)950 thousand1 million

To check usage and limits of your home directory, log in to the user interface ui.farm.particle.cz. Your NFS usage overview is automatically displayed including your home directory (nfs01).

Quota increase

To increase your quota size, send a request to RT system via e-mail address fzu at rt4.cesnet.cz. Please remember you shall give appropriate reasons.

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