Second Test Example

Prepare a set of subdirectories in your working directory on a shared system (for example in /home/username/condor):

mkdir log
mkdir error
mkdir output

Prepare a file (for example with your script to be executed:


Prepare a job_submission_file, which defines submission parameters. Let’s call it condor.sub.

executable =
arguments = $(ClusterID) $(ProcId)
output = output/condor1.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).out
error = error/condor1.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).err
log = log/condor1.$(ClusterId).log
+MaxRuntime = 100

Submit a job:

condor_submit condor.sub

Check jobs status:


Results will appear in directories defined in condor.sub when job finishes.

Later we will provide a little bit more complicated examples how to specify job requirements.

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