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Another Possibilities for Data Backup

Users may also make use of Data Storage (Datová úložiště) provided by the association CESNET (Terms of Service, valid from July 9, 2018), which is a very simple procedure based on the following three steps.

  1. Set up a user account at MetaCentrum
  2. Check your directories at CESNET Data Storage
  3. Back up your files to CESNET Data Storage

Step 1: Set up a user account at MetaCentrum

  • Fill in a registration form available at https://metavo.metacentrum.cz/en/application/index.html. Your identity will be checked on-line through the Czech Academic Identity Federation eduID.cz. (Choose options “eduID.cz” and “Institute of Physics” and enter a username and a password for your VERSO account). You will receive an e-mail about a new account creation in a few hours.

Step 2: Check your directories at CESNET Data Storage

  • Log in to a Data Storage login server. Use a username and a password for your MetaCentrum account.
ssh username@ssh.du4.cesnet.cz 
  • Check the directories VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/ and VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/
ls -l VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/
ls -l VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/
  • Alternatively create a subdirectory for your data backup or your data archive
mkdir VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/directory-for-backup/
mkdir VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/directory-for-archive/

Step 3: Copy your files using the rsync or scp command

  • Log in to the server you are going to copy files from
  • Change to the directory you are going to back up
cd ~/backed-up-directory/
  • Run the rsync or scp command
rsync -avz backed-up-directory username@ssh.du4.cesnet.cz:VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/directory-for-backup/
rsync -avz backed-up-directory username@ssh.du4.cesnet.cz:VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/directory-for-archive/

A link to CESNET Data Storage website: https://du.cesnet.cz/en/navody/start

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