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CESNET Data Storage

Data Storage (DS) are provided by the association CESNET. You may back up or archive your files there – see Terms of Service (valid from July 9, 2018).

CESNET Data storage are using HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) architecture. It means that files which have not be accessed for long time may be moved to a lower and slower layer (e.g. to magnetic tapes or MAID disks). This leads to slower manipulation with your data.

Moving data between layers is called the migration policy. Several types of migration policy exist. The tape_tape type is the only one set to the VO_Metacentrum (Virtual Organisation). Data are stored on SATA disks and their copy is kept on two different tapes.

A user home directory at DS contains two subdirectories, which are used to store data and which are symbolic links pointing to the directory structure of the VO_Metacentrum.

  • VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/ – only for data type “backups” – a storing period set to 365 calendar days
  • VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/ – only for data type “archives”

The subdirectories VO_Metacentrum are set to soft quota of 5 TB. See “Quotas Overview” at MetaCentrum website https://metavo.metacentrum.cz/en/myaccount/index.html to check your current quota limits.

CESNET Data Storage are NFS mounted to all MetaCentrum worker nodes and login servers as directories:

  • /storage/du-cesnet/home/username/VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/
  • /storage/du-cesnet/home/username/VO_metacentrum-tape_tape-archive/

Copy your files using the rsync or scp command:

rsync -avHS --no-g /storage/praha1/home/username/my-archive /storage/du-cesnet/home/username/VO_metacentrum-tape_tape/

More detailed information about CESNET Data Storage is available on:

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