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Computing Clusters at FZU

The Institute of Physics provides several computing clusters which are integrated into the Czech National Grid Organization MetaCentrum. The cluster Luna2019 was purchased in December 2019 and extended by four new worker nodes in December 2020.
Further extension took place one year later in December 2021 and consists of six new worker nodes. These nodes differ from previous ones in hardware configuration, so they have been marked as the cluster Luna2021.
In June 2022 six new worker nodes were purchased from GA CR Junior Star project funds (project ID: 22-06008M “CADTARSIS“). These servers were named as the cluster Luna2022.
In December 2023 three more worker nodes were purchased. They formed the cluster Luna2023.

Clusters are located in the computing room at Slovanka locality in Prague 8. Users from the Institute of Physics are provided with a priority at these clusters through the queue luna.


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