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Basic Information

The queue luna is dedicated only to users from the Institute of Physics. For submission of your jobs to the queue luna, you shall be a member of the group luna. Ask the group manager, Jana Uhlirova, to add you to the group if you are not a member. You may contact her at Slovanka locality (+420 266 052 968).

As a member of the group luna, you will be automatically subscribed to the mailing list vs-luna at fzu.cz, so you will receive notifications of both planned or unplanned shutdowns, news, important changes, etc.

The queue luna has been set to high priority. If many jobs are waiting in the queue luna, no jobs from other queues will start running at luna nodes. Jobs in the queue luna are managed according to user’s fairshare (more detailed information is available here).
The default value of walltime is set to 24 hours, the maximum value to 2190 hours (90 days).

All nodes luna65-108 are assigned to the queue luna and to the default queues q_2h and q_4h, except the node luna.fzu.cz which is reserved for interactive work.
Nodes luna201-206 are assigned to the queue luna and to the queues gpu, q_2h, q_4h, q_1d and runone.
Current assignment of nodes to queues is available at the MetaCentrum website under the option “Current state”, i.e. at https://metavo.metacentrum.cz/pbsmon2/props#group2node

Queue luna settings:

  • default walltime: 24 hours
  • maximum walltime: 2160 hours (90 days)
  • priority: 70
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