Fairshare is a scheduling policy which provides fair distribution of computing resources to users and to their jobs. The calculation of fairshare is based on a usage of resources in last 30 days. The importance of the resource usage decreases according to passed time, that means jobs running recently get higher weight than jobs running several days ago.

Fairshare takes into account also publications with acknowledgement to MetaCentrum (only the publications you entered into the system Perun). A high number of publications results in higher fairshare for a user and higher priority for his jobs.

A job order available at https://metavo.metacentrum.cz/pbsmon2/queues/jobsQueued represents an order in which waiting jobs will start running, provided that we take into account only jobs submitted to the queue luna and that no further job from a user with higher fairshare will be submitted in the meantime. If there are jobs waiting in the queue luna, no jobs from other queues will start running at luna nodes.

To find out the start time of a waiting job adjusted by the batch system scheduler, use one of the following ways:

  • set the qstat command (qstat -f JobID) and look up the items estimated.start_time and estimated.exec_vnode
  • go to https://metavo.metacentrum.cz/en/state/index.html, choose the options “Personal view” and “List of jobs”. Then click on the job you are interested in and look up the items planned_start and planned_nodes.

The waiting jobs, for which the batch system scheduler has already allocated worker nodes, have stated a note in the comment line explaining why they are waiting, e.g. “Not Running: Insufficient amount of resource: mem”.

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