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Available Data Space

The users of the group luna may make use of the data storage /storage/praha6-fzu/home/, purchased in December 2019.

This data storage is NFS mounted as the directory /storage/praha6-fzu/home/ to all worker nodes and login servers within MetaCentrum. The subdirectory /storage/praha6-fzu/home/username/ is available there for each user of the group luna.

The stored data are not backed up. This data space may be used as a faster scratch for saving temporary files, especially for jobs running at nodes of the cluster Luna2019 due to a connection via Infiniband network (nodes luna65 – luna99).
The total usable capacity of the storage is 73 TB. User subdirectories are limited by a soft quota of 1 TB and a hard quota of 3 TB.

Front side view of a data storage server:

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